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Free Vessel Safety Checks

Free Vessel Safety Checks for your boat at KI Elks Lodge #2576. June 15, 2013. 9:00 am-2:00 pm.

Trailer your boat to the Elks parking lot for a FREE Vessel Safety Check conducted by the Natural Resources Police Reserve Officers and sponsored by KI Elks. Make sure your boat is a safe boat. Your boat’s equipment and safety gear will be checked to make sure you meet both State and Federal requirements. This is a non-law enforcement courtesy check. If your boat passes inspection you will receive the 2013 VSC sticker.

Free informational goody bag given to each boat. Hot Dog Lunch will be available for a small charge.

For additional information on the VSC, or if you would still like your vessel inspected but can not be present or your vessel is in the water please call Kevin Kelly at 443-223-7832.