Talbot County Government Celebrates 2019 Annual County Employees’ Years of Service Awards

This year, Talbot County Government is honoring 41 employees with awards for years of service. The ceremony was held in the Talbot County Free Library and included the Talbot County Council, County department heads, family and friends.


Corey Pack, President of the Talbot County Council commented, “We want to thank all of the County Employees for their dedicated and tireless service to the citizens of Talbot County.  Opportunities are too few and far between to acknowledge your efforts and hard work.  We are so pleased to be able to have you step up and be recognized today. To put it simply we applaud you and your service.”


The following employees were honored:


5 Years of Service: Kari Jo Diefenderfer – Emergency Services; Christopher Divilio – Facilities Maintenance; Ryan Ebling – Public Works; Warren Edwards – Roads; Joseph Gamble – Sheriff; Terri Johnson – Sheriff’s Office; Robert Jones – Emergency Services; Justin Leary – Emergency Medical Services; Mary LeCompte – Administrative Services; Georgia Mens – Dept. of Corrections; Robert Musterman – Sheriff’s Office; Kelly Stacey – Family Drug Court; Dave Tyler – Emergency Services; and Corey Willey – Sheriff’s Office.


10 Years of Service: Harold Adams – Public Works; David Purnell – Public Works; and Owen Sutherland – Golf Course.


15 Years of Service: Grace Davis – Permits & Inspections; Danielle Diefenderfer – Emergency Services; Brian Harris – Parks & Recreation; Robert Messix – Emergency Medical Services; Martin Sokolich – Planning & Zoning; and Mark Stevens – Parks & Recreation.


20 Years of Service: Christine Corkell – Planning & Zoning; Wylie Gray – Emergency Medical Services; Andrew Hollis – County Manager; Kelly Jones – Emergency Medical Services; Judy Micheliche – Emergency Medical Services; Jessica Morris – County Manager’s Office; and Bill Thomas – Emergency Medical Services.


25 Years of Service: Richard Bobitka – Emergency Medical Services; Larry Fike – Emergency Medical Services; Brian Moore – Facilities Maintenance; and Donald Sherwood – Golf Course.


30 Years of Service: Kathryn Baker – Finance Office; John Bechtel – Roads; Lesley Jo Buchanan- Sheriff’s Office; Henry Dove – State’s Attorney; Michael Dulin – Roads; and Michael Potter – Roads.


35 Years of Service: Lois MacDonald – Roads.



#1: 5-Year Service Awards: Pictured back row, left to right, are Warren Edwards, Dave Tyler, and Corey Willey. Pictured front row, left to right, are Kelly Stacey, Georgia Mens, Terri Johnson and Mary LeCompte. Absent from the photo are Kari Jo Diefenderfer, Christopher Divilio, Ryan Ebling, Joseph Gamble, Justin Leary, Robert Jones, and Robert Musterman.


#2: 10-Year Service Awards: Absent from photo are Harold Adams, David Purnell and Owen Sutherland.


#3: 15-Year Service Awards: Pictured left to right are Martin Sokolich, Danielle Diefenderfer, and Grace Davis. Absent from the photo are Brian Harris and Mark Stevens.


#4: 20-Year Service Awards: Pictured left to right are Jessica Morris, Christine Corkell, and Bill Thomas. Absent from the photo are Wylie Gray, Kelly Jones, Andrew Hollis, and Judy Micheliche.


#5: 25-Year Service Awards: Pictured left to right are Brian Moore and Richard Bobitka. Absent from the photo is Donald Sherwood.


#6: 30-Year Service Awards: Pictured back row, left to right, are Henry Dove, John Bechtel, Michael Dulin, and Michael Potter. Pictured front row, left to right, are Kathryn Baker and Lesley Jo Buchanan.


#7: 35-Year Service Award Plus: Pictured left to right are Robert Messix (15 Years), Lois MacDonald (35 Years), and Larry Fike (25 Years).