Talbot County Master Gardeners Present 2010 Cabin Fever Reliever Winter Workshops

February 20, 10am-noon, Talbot County Extension Office, 28577 Mary’s Court, Easton
Carol Bean and Brooke Zuehlke  “Planning your Garden”- Join us in discussing best practices for planning your garden.  We will discuss the planning, prep work, planting & harvesting for this year’s garden.  This will include timing, seed starting & saving, prepping the soil, deciding what to plant, maintaining & what to do with everything you have grown!
Anna Wysocki –  “Healthy Gardens” – A great way to start a new year by learning about the healthy benefits of gardening, as well as healthy things to grow and eat from the garden.

March 6, 10am-11:30am, Talbot Co. Senior Center, 400 Brookletts Avenue, Easton
Lena Gill –  “Gardening with Trees and Shrubs” – A primer on how to integrate trees and shrubs in your landscape by judging their shape, beauty, and care as well as their usefulness in specific locations on your property.  For example, a bed of a variety of shrubs will cut down on maintenance as compared to a bed of perennials. Furthmore, properly located evergreen and deciduous trees can cut down on your building’s energy use in both winter and summer.

March 13, 10am-11:30am, Talbot Co. Senior Center, 400 Brookletts Avenue, Easton
Susan Marseilles – “Natural Gardening with Companion Plants and Beneficial Insects” – Learn the art of planting “companionably” that is, using plants that benefit each other or repel garden pests.  Also learn which insects are beneficial to plants and the unique ways they can help you to reduce or eliminate the need for chemical insecticides and pesticides.
Suzanne Clarke – “Caterpillar-to-Butterfly Farm” – Marvel as a caterpillar goes through the stages of metamorphosis to become a chrysalis and then a butterfly right before your very eyes!  Learn the steps on how to make a “Caterpillar-to-Butterfly Farm” that you, your family, or school can use for many years to come.

March 20, 10am –noon, Talbot County Extension Office, 28577 Mary’s Court, Easton
Joanne Buritsch Mary Jo Kubelius – “Bay Wise Vegetable Gardening”– Learn Bay Wise gardening practices for your vegetable garden by using the Bay Wise Yardstick to measure as your guide.
Mary Jo Kubelius – “Grow It Eat It” Not much space to grow a vegetable garden?  Find out how to garden using a portable garden.  You will also learn easy ways to

March 27, 10am-noon, Talbot County Extension Office, 28577 Mary’s Court, Easton
Judy Shuler – “Backyard Composting”  Learn how to reduce waste, save money and produce a valuable soil product by composting your own yard waste, and in appropriate instances, your own food waste in your own backyard.
Lin Clineburg and Brooke Zuehlke – “The Native Landscape” – Learn about using native plants to beautify your garden and preserve the natural biodiversity.

April 3, 10am-noon, Talbot Co. Senior Center, 400 Brookletts Avenue, Easton
Mary Larrimore, Judy Shuler, and Karen Winters –   “Gardening Forever” – This class with encourage and enhance the gardening experience for the aging gardener; incorporating exercise, tool and planting tips.
Lynn Freeburger –  “Propagation” – We’ll discuss making more plants by taking cuttings, collecting and planting seeds from your gardens and from the gardens of your friends and dividing existing plants.  We’ll talk about the plants that self sew successfully in our area and some that are unpleasantly invasive.

April 10, 10am – noon, Talbot Co. Senior Center, 400 Brookletts Avenue, Easton
Lisa Ghezzi – “Living in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed:  What We Can Do to Help Save the Bay” – The presentation will discuss changes in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (“CBW”) over this past century, and trending those patterns over the upcoming decades.  The talk with focus on meaningful actions inhabitants of the CBW can take to make a difference to help restore its health – from individual steps at home, to community and State-sponsored activities.
Rick Thorkelson, Sharon Murray and Danna Murden – “Raised Beds” We will discuss raised beds; the advantages, construction, materials, size, sighting, soil types used, and suitable types of vegetable and plants.

Please call 410-822-1244 to register for each class.  The cost per class is $5 or $30 for all 7 classes.  Everyone is welcome to come learn with us!!