Talbot Partnership Launches New Campaign

imgresTalbot Partnership Launches New Campaign

Talbot Partnership for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention has launched a new campaign directed at both parents and students encouraging communication, awareness and action to prevent further alcohol and drug related tragedies in our community. The Campaign is centered around the theme of reminding students to “Don’t stand by and watch your friend make a bad choice in the event of drinking and driving, binge drinking, or overdosing. Think about what your friend means to you and take them home or get them help.” The messages will be e-mailed to 11th and 12th grade students around prom and graduation.

A similar advertising campaign will involve a series of ads directed at parents. These messages will focus on “You taught your children how to swim and keep them safe and alive, have you talked to them about drinking and driving, binge drinking, or experimenting with drugs?”

While the first step in prevention is to try to discourage youth from engaging in dangerous behaviors, we know that this does not always stop kids from experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. The campaign, therefore, is also intended to encourage youth to take action to protect friends and others in the event of ill advised or life threatening situations.

For further information on the dangers of marijuana and other drugs, contact Talbot Partnership at 410-819-8067 or info@talbotpartnership.org. Please also visit our website at www.talbotpartnership.org or find us on Facebook.