Thanksgiving Food Program Community Report

Dear Pastors and Friends,

Thanks so much for the great support your participation has given our local community.

It continues to be an avenue for people to reach out to their neighbors at the start of this season of giving. I am always humbled at the generosity of people, especially when they can contribute their time, talent and gifts, as well as their money!

This year we had 13 churches and 7 community groups displaying tags.

Special Thanks go to Douglas Development for Room 6, Victory Packaging for boxes, EbbTide for tables, Lowery’s and Farmer John’s for produce, RJH Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service for the freezer truck, Walgreens for recycle bags and The Narrows Restaurant. Can’t do it without you!

KIHS Annex, Matapeake Elementary, Bayside and Kent Island Elementary, Grasonville Elementary, Lighthouse Christian Academy, Calvary and Wye of Carmichael UMC and the Girl Scouts @ Safeway all led food drives that helped larger families get extra food. Can’t do it without you!

We welcomed some new volunteers and groups: Chesapeake Moms Club and the Kent Island Office of Annapolis Pediatrics who picked families to provide for, came during the week to help and delivered boxes! Working together, of course, with the great group of adults and teens who come yearly and do a most excellent, wonderful job! Thanks to everyone, we got it done again!! Can’t do it without you!

Delivery day went smoothly.

By November 22, 302 local families received food boxes and turkeys or hot meals. Counting the people in each family…..1105 adults and children were blessed!

We had some miscellaneous food left and it was passed on to St. Christopher’s Outreach, Our Mother of Sorrows, and some sent to Crisfield with KIUMC’s clean up team.

As always, in Christ,
Bobbie Bell