The 2nd Annual Schwinky Toy Drive Delivered Over 2200 Toys

The Schwinky Toy Drive is in memory of Michael Clark Schwink and on December 12th the truck and cars were loaded up and headed to The Kennedy Krieger Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland and THE PACT UNIT (a day care center for medical children) in Woodlawn, Maryland.

We had Santa (Chris Schwink~Michael’s brother) and many elves that helped give out toys to the children that were at The Kennedy Krieger Hospital and THE PACT UNIT.

The Schwinky Toy Drive started collecting toys in late August around Michael’s birthday and it ended around December 5, 2012.

There were kitchen sets, tool benches, riding and jumping horses, riding toys, cars, trucks, baby dolls, baby doll sets Barbie dolls, books, games, musical toys that light up , all kinds of crafts things that can be used for the children in the hospital , coloring books, crayons, markers glue, sticker books with stickers, sand art, jewelry sets, bath and body wash for both girls and boys, radios, cd players, and many more gifts. There were toys (gifts) that went to children from six weeks of age to twenty -one years of age.   The donations of toys  covered every age.. The nurses from each unit made up baskets with toys (gifts) that the children have asked for and they were to be given out on Dec. 24th.

The Schwinky Toy Drive was started last year 2011 in memory of Michael Schwink because he loved children and he loved being Santa for The United Communities Volunteer Fire Department for the Santa Ride that takes place in December.   He really loved seeing the children’s faces light up when they saw Santa.  Michael loved to hear them laugh and giggle.

The truck was donated by Salisbury Pewter and driven by John Polcak and his wife Merritt. The helpers that loaded and unloaded the truck and also helped deliver the toys to the children were B.J. Duty, Garrett German, Laura Schwink, Chris Schwink, Glenn Schwink, Pat Schwink, Bonnie Schwink, Madison Brown, Dylan Brown, Vickie Simmons Gleaton, Jillian Gentile, Abigale Detrich, Skylar Butler, Rhonda Butler, Jim Martin, John Polcak , and Merritt Polcak.

This year’s Toy Drive was very successful because of all the kind and wonderful people who donated to THE SCHWINKY TOY DRIVE.  We could not have done this on our own.  Every toy (gift) is a honor to Michael’s toy drive .

We greatly appreciate everyone who helped with  2nd Annual Schwinky Toy Drive to make so many children in the hospital have a wonderful holiday.