The Fund for Caroline County Helps Address Unmet Community Needs

Local businessman, David Nagel of Harmony, understands unmet needs in his community.  As an integral part of the community, the Nagel family and their business, Nagel Farm Service, Inc., an independent grain dealer, has experienced both prosperous and lean times over the past 64 years the business has been in operation.  Nagel credits his generous parents and grandparents with instilling at an early age community stewardship.  In particular, his father C. Brooks Nagel believed it was important to show good stewardship of the resources he was blessed with by generously returning a portion of company profits to charitable organizations.

Nagel, who is now treasurer and finance committee chairman at Mid-Shore Community Foundation (MSCF) Board of Directors, has adopted his family’s giving philosophy and recently helped the Foundation set up the new Fund for Caroline County. This new community fund allows donors to focus their philanthropy on the CarolineCounty community.  Contributions to the fund will go to the current and future needs of the county and its citizens.

Nagel, who has been a resident of Caroline County his entire life, comments, “In a small community we have always taken care of each others needs – through good times and bad.  This county fund provides an effective way to meet the needs of Caroline County as it grows through the Foundation’s carefully-managed investments.”

As a county fund of MSCF, The Fund for Caroline County focuses and directs donors’ philanthropy to those needs that are most critical in Caroline County and to those nonprofit organizations in the community best positioned to address those needs.

Stuart Bounds, president of the MSCF, comments, “Without individual’s investing in the community’s infrastructures – the rich, diverse and committed non profit community that sustains and nourishes the county and its residents – the county’s quality of life and its heritage are seriously at risk.”

Donors have several options for contributing to The Fund of Caroline County.  In addition to gifts being pooled and invested with those of other contributors in an endowment designated exclusively for the benefit of Caroline  County, donors can establish a named fund within the Fund with a gift of at least $10,000.  Other options include designating the Fund as the beneficiary of a Charitable Remainder Trust or of a Charitable Gift Annuity hosted by the MSCF or through the gift of real property, retirement assets, securities or a bequest.

To date, more than 36 nonprofit organizations in Caroline County either have a fund or have received grants from the Mid-Shore Community Foundation.  Last year, the MSCF gave over $1 million in grants to meet a variety of community needs across the Mid Shore.

Nagel and his wife, Jan, instilled the importance of philanthropy with their four children over the years and recently, the Nagel family created a named fund through MSCF.

Nagel adds, “My family has taught me that tithing is a responsibility, not a luxury only in good times. I feel we are honoring my father and mother, and a tradition that they started, by seeing our funds grow and be dispersed by MSCF to nonprofit organizations on the Mid Shore that can best help individuals in need.  It also will provide a legacy of giving by our children and our grandchildren for many years to come.”

For further information about The Fund for Caroline County, contact Stuart Bounds at the Mid-Shore Community Foundation at 410-820-8175 or visit