Too Good To Pass Up

By Deb Mowbray

In the quest to find Queen Anne’s County’s most eligible single, several impressive applicants from the over-45-age group caught our attention. After all, with a national divorce rate that hovers around 50%, many mature people are finding themselves single again. New possibilities abound for finding love in the golden years….

Meet Tom Clamp:
“It’s amazing what negative mentality can do”, says Tom, a certified personal trainer at Island Athletic Club. “There’s too much stress and greed in the world”, he adds. Tom feels that taking care of your body is important, and that laughter is the best medicine. In considering a companion Tom says, “Maybe opposites attract but in the real world you need compatibility”. In addition to exercising, Tom enjoys bow hunting, crabbing, and his daughters.
Ideal date: somewhere you can relax and be yourself, somewhat casual and not too uptight or pretentious.

Describe yourself in three words: outgoing, energetic, happy
Name three traits you look for in a significant other: honesty, compatibility, intimacy

Meet Tracey Morris:
“I felt like I was really stepping way out of my box to participate”, said Tracy Morris, “but some friends encouraged me to go for it so I decided to take a chance”. Tracy is a coordinator for developmentally disabled adults and has lived on the shore all her life. She has a passion for music, loves to dance, and admits to having a sense of humor.
Ideal date: somewhere quiet away from crowds where you can talk and get to know one another

Describe yourself in three words: outgoing, loyal, funny
Name three traits you look for in a significant other: sense of humor, fun-loving, loyal
Favorite movie: Wedding Crashers and The Notebook

Meet Charly Neill-roe:
An avid sports competitor, Charly puts new meaning in the word “retired”. While she no longer works for the Federal Government – a job she held for over 30 years, she is a member of several sports teams from volleyball to downhill ski racing. In fact, Charly was recruited by a Virginia softball team as a pitcher and has competed in the Senior Olympics for several years. “I travel from spring to fall”, says an energetic Charly. She also cooks at the VFW every Tuesday night and once a month on Mondays.

Ideal Date: dinner; gives both parties a chance to know one another’s likes and dislikes
Describe yourself in three words: energetic, confident, thoughtful
Name traits you look for in a significant other: communication, sense of humor, supportive of one another’s activities, truthfulness