Toy Gun Gets Real Time For Easton Bank Robber

A Randallstown man has been sentenced to more than eight years in prison for robbing a bank in Easton using a toy gun. Donald Tyrone Gross, 44-years-old, was sentenced to 100 months federal time and five years of supervised release for the armed robbery. According to his guilty plea, Gross and his girlfriend traveled to Easton in April of last year and scouted out locations of banks to rob. Police said the couple decided they would rob the PNC Bank on 104 Marlboro Ave. Authorities said Gross entered the bank with a concealed toy gun that he wrapped in a sock from his infant son to mask the gun’s appearance. He demanded money from a bank teller and revealed he had the weapon on him. Prosecutors said Gross stole $5,000 and fled the bank with his girlfriend, only to be arrested the following day. Sherice Lacheryl Gunther, 32-years-old and also from Randallstown, got 91 days in prison and three years of supervised release for her role in the robbery.