UM Shore Regional Health Announces Board of Directors

UMSRH Board of Directors2013 (400 x 218)University of Maryland Shore Regional Health has announced its new board of directors reflecting the merger of Chester River Health and Shore Health which occurred in July. Chaired by John Dillon, the 22-member board of directors is a group of dedicated, well-informed business and community leaders, educators and physicians from throughout the five-county region who share a commitment to delivering quality healthcare to the Mid-Shore communities.

University of Maryland Shore Regional Health is a regional, nonprofit, medical delivery care network formed in July 1, 2013, through the consolidation of two University of Maryland partner entities, the former Shore Health and the former Chester River Health. This group of leaders includes representatives from both former health systems as well as from the University of Maryland Medical System, with which both were affiliated.

In addition to Dillon and Kenneth Kozel, CEO, UM Shore Regional Health, members of the board of directors are John W. Ashworth; Stuart Bounds, Ph.D.; Charles Capute ; Robert A. Chrencik, CEO, UMMS; Joseph J. Ciotola, M.D.; Judith E. Cooper of Worton; Deborah Davis, M.D.; Ludwig Eglseder, M.D.; Marlene Feldman; Edwin R. Fry; Wayne L. Gardner, Sr.; Michael D. Joyce, M.D.; Charles Lea, Jr.; Richard Loeffler; Keith McMahan; David Milligan; Neil Mufson; James Peterson; Martha Russell; C. Daniel Saunders, Esq.; Robert Swam; and William J. Washington.

“I am honored to be part of this dynamic and forward-thinking group,” comments John Dillon, chairman of the UM Shore Regional Health board of directors. “Their varied expertise and their tremendous commitment to the continued advancement and accessibility of health care in the Mid-Shore region will guide Shore Regional Health as we move forward in our regional organization, as part of the University of Maryland Medical System.”

A regional committee was formed in 2011 to study the comprehensive health care needs of the Mid-Shore region, including Dorchester, Caroline, Kent, Queen Anne’s and Talbot counties. This committee, which included board members from the former Shore and Chester River Health Systems, concluded that the five counties share very similar demographics and health care needs. In December, 2012, the Boards of Chester River Health System, Inc. and Shore Health System, Inc. voted unanimously to approve a joint resolution establishing a comprehensive regional medical system for the five counties served by the two organizations.

“The Mid-Shore region has so much to offer in terms of quality of life — beautiful towns, rivers and farmlands, thriving business and civic organizations, diverse natural, educational and cultural resources, and an engaged citizenry that wants and deserves excellent health care close to home,” says Ken Kozel, President and CEO, UM Shore Regional Health. “While the future of healthcare poses many challenges, I am confident that Shore Regional Health, under the umbrella of one of the top-ranked medical systems in the nation, University of Maryland Medical System, will be able meet the highest expectations for quality and innovation in health care for our communities, now and for years to come.”

In photo: Members of the University of Maryland Shore Regional Health board of directors include (from left to right): Joseph J. Ciotola, M.D; Marlene Feldman; Charles Capute; James Peterson; William J. Washington; Daniel Saunders, Esq; Kenneth Kozel, CEO, UM Shore Regional Health; Edwin R. Fry; John Dillon, chairman; Richard Loeffler; Robert A. Chrencik, CEO, UMMS; Keith McMahan; Wayne L. Gardner, Sr.; Michael D. Joyce, M.D.; Deborah Davis, M.D.; David Milligan; Martha Russell; Judith E. Cooper; John W. Ashworth; Neil Mufson; and Robert Swam. Not pictured are Stuart Bounds; Ludwig Egleseder, M.D.; and Charles Lea.