Upcoming Bird Hike and Bird School Dates at CBEC

Bird Hikes involve going into the field (usually on CBEC property) and looking for birds. Meet at Arts & Education Building at 9am. We use binoculars and bird guides to aid in seeing and identifying birds. The hikes are designed for all levels of bird interest from beginners to advanced. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather. Optional- binoculars and a bird guide. CBEC has a limited number of binoculars/guides to lend.

Bird School is an organized learning situation involving both field work and classroom time. Each session is 1½ hours from 6-7:30pm and may include: a demonstration, power point, video, live birds, hands-on materials (i.e. examining feathers, nesting materials, pellets, nests, eggs)

Pre-registration is required. Email Judy Wink at jwink@bayrestoration.org or call 410.827.6694. Our new website will be going live soon and will include more info on bird hikes/school: www.bayrestoration.org


January 11th (Wed)- School, The Outer Bird- External Anatomy & Field Marks
February 4th (Sat)- Hike, Tundra Swans
February 12th (Wed)- School, Territory and Site Tenacity
March 3rd (Sat)- Hike, Domestic Dwellers
March 11th (Wed)- School, Dabblers vs. Divers
April 7th (Sat)- Hike, Residents of Owl Pass
April 11th (Wed)- School, Beak and Feet Adaptations