Update from Mid-Shore Behavioral Health

Effective as of March 13, 2020, Mid Shore Behavioral Health (MSBH) will be observing the following precautionary activities in response to the COVID-19 developments in Maryland:
  1. All MSBH led workgroups and meetings will be moving to a conference call or virtual platform. Communication with meeting notices and invitations for meetings will be sent out by the MSBH team member or facilitator.
  2. MSBH will be postponing provider and vendor site visits until further notice.
  3. MSBH will be observing a more structured agency visitation procedure until further notice:
Visits to MSBH will be by appointment only. Please call: 410-770-4801 to Schedule an Appointment. Please be sure to be sensitive to any presenting symptoms, and if need be, consider rescheduling your appointment or phoning in to the agency for support.
  1. MSBH urges any person in need of referral or crisis support to utilize the Eastern Shore Operations Center call line that is available 24/7: 1-888-407-8018
  2. MSBH will be continuing to provide support to our provider community and consumers and will continue to promote any new information related to the COVID-19.
  3. MSBH team will continue to support operations and will be assessing community response needs on a daily basis.
  4. MSBH urges providers to continue to reach out to our team for any guidance related to supporting our behavioral health needs in the mid-shore. Preferred correspondence is by email platform for a more immediate and detailed response from team members.
Above all, please take care of yourself and be mindful of self-care as we all move through this together.