Veteran Support Centers of America Partner with Hope Center to Manage Veteran’s Transition Assistance Center in Centreville to Provide Counseling, Housing and Education to local Veterans

The VTAC in Centreville to provide health, mental health and over all spiritual support to our Wounded Warriors and Disabled Veterans achieved four significant milestones in July.

The Kristin Brooks Hope Center (founders of 800-SUICIDE and the 877-VET2VET peer counseling crisis hotlines) based in Stevensville signed a 5 year management contract with Veteran Support Centers of America which operate the only Veterans Transitional Assistance Center on the Eastern shore of Maryland in Salisbury.

In addition the Chairman of the Board of the VSCOA Lt Col. Donald S. Hawkins, USMC (Ret.), was nominated to the Board of the Kristin Brooks Hope Center in an effort to speed the process for the launch of the VTAC in Centreville to help wounded warriors and disabled veterans receive the housing, counseling and support they need to transition back to civilian life. In a similar exchange the Chairman of the KBHC Board H. Reese Butler II was nominated to the VSCOA Board. These efforts show the level of commitment the two organizations have for this much needed project in Centreville.

The other significant development was the submission of the first set of plans for the VTAC building at 314 Little Kidwell Avenue in Centreville by Jo Anne Baker of Torchio Architects. The plans were immediately approved by the combined KBHC and VSCOA Boards of Directors and have paved the way for the final set to be submitted to the Town of Centreville for final approval by the Planning and Zoning officials.

The detailed work of Torchio Architects is a significant donation that follows a long list of notable donations by local business leaders to see this project completed before the winter season of 2013-2014 begins. The plans are for a Grand Opening of November 11th to coincide with Veterans Day. Edward Chow, Jr., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, who recently visited the Salisbury-VSCOA location, has promised to attend the Grand Opening along with all the key stakeholders and supporters of this much needed project.

The Center will focus on job retraining, ongoing counseling, in a transitional living facility that provides assistance to Queen Anne’s County and Eastern Shore female Veterans with children as it will be the only such facility in the State of Maryland filling a tremendous unmet need.

About the Kristin Brooks Hope Center
The Kristin Brooks Hope Center was founded in April 1998 by Reese Butler after his wife, Kristin Brooks, died by suicide. The mission of the KBHC is to offer hope to those in the deepest emotional pain. To that end, the KBHC has launched programs such as the National Hopeline Network 1.800.SUICIDE, which connects those who are depressed or suicidal to a local certified crisis center. In 2003 KBHC launched 1-877-VET2VET and the which provides peer support online, via telephone or email. The KBHC works to prevent suicide and educate people about depressive disorders.

About Veterans Support Centers of America: Founded in 2010, Veterans Support Centers of America or VSCOA is a nonprofit organization formed to serve our rural Wounded Warriors and Disabled Veteran community. We do this by providing opportunity, shelter, needed support and access to services. Our extensive network of service providers, knowledge of the Veterans Administration system and professional staff have come together to form a unique and successful program of services to support the needs of the rural veteran.