Vipers Cheer And Dance…Developing The Whole Athlete In Every Way

By Ron Stafford

How does a husband who works in construction and demolition and a wife who does research work for Johns Hopkins transition to leading dance and cheerleading teams? In the case of Vipers Cheer and Dance, it is an unbeatable combination. Ron Levee and Stacey Cayetano together own Vipers, a private organization serving the top cheer and dance athletes in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

In 2009, Ron and Stacey bought the Maryland Vipers, and in 2010 they bought Cheer Dynasty, a local dance company. They have five locations, with the most newest one recently opened on Kent Island. Ron, who has grown children, started working in competitive cheerleading 15 years ago because of the one of his daughters. He oversees the gymnastics part of the business and the hiring the trainers and coaches. Stacey handles the administrative duties of Vipers.

In addition to cheerleading and dance, Vipers offers tumbling and stunt classes and private lessons. Stacey said “We offer programs for both boys and girls ages 3 to 18. We started out in 2009 with 38 athletes, and today that count is at 500 athletes.” She also pointed out that scholarships are offered through various booster clubs.

The Kent Island location is the most recent opening for Vipers. According to Stacey, “Kent Island has provided coaches in previous programs, and we feel there is a need for our level of expertise here.” She added, “We stand out due to our years of experience in the industry and our requirement of certified coaches to train the athletes.” Vipers staff is 80 strong across all locations.

What would Stacey like to see for the future of Vipers? “I would like to see us soon become the largest mid-Atlantic representative in the All-Star cheerleading industry.” When asked about the industry itself, Stacey gave a “tutorial” on the different levels, “Initially, there are recreational leagues, then school teams, followed by the All-Star cheerleading industry, which is strictly competitive (such as what you see on ESPN), then onto the college and professional levels.”

Some past students have gone on to do great work at various state universities in Maryland, Hawaii, and the University of Louisville. Ron and Stacey have five former coaches who currently cheer or coach for the Ravens. Their alumni stay in touch with the Vipers organization.

Ron and Stacey are very excited about their new location on Kent Island. In four months, Vipers of Kent Island has outgrown their current location at 216 Log Canoe Circle in Stevensville; within six months, they will be moving to their new location across the street at 235 Log Canoe Circle. Stacey says, “We have felt a warm welcome from everyone here on Kent Island. The reception has been amazing.” Other planned locations opening within the next year include Annapolis, Rockville, Ellicott City and Millersville.

Ultimately, Ron and Stacey are excited that they can offer a new level of cheerleading and dance to those on Kent Island and in the surrounding area. For more information, call Ron and Stacey at 410-604-2277 or visit their website at Feel free to stop in for a visit at 216 Log Canoe Circle in Stevensville.