Volunteer Knitters Log in Hours

There are lots of ways to be a Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteer. Some Auxiliary members even work from home. These are the Pandora’s Box knitters, more than a dozen women who make hats for newborn babies.

Pauline Lane, chair of Pandora’s Box since 2002, says that the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteers have been knitting baby hats for over 30 years. The group makes as many as 100 pink and blue caps every month. The handmade hats are given to every baby born in the hospital’s Birthing Center.

Some of the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary knitters volunteer in other areas such as at the hospital Information Desk and at the Auxiliary’s upscale resale shop, the Bazaar at 121 Federal Street. Others who are no longer able to travel to a Shore Health System facility log in volunteer hours as members of the Pandora’s Box knitting circle.

For more information about becoming a Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteer, call ext. 5839.