Volunteer of the Week – Lillian Acosta

Meet Lillian Acosta, a volunteer for Chesapeake Cats and Dogs (CCAD) since September of 2010. Lillian joined CCAD after seeing the organization in action at a fundraising event at her local Safeway store. “My cat Angel died in July of 2010, and due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to get another cat.” Lillian finds volunteering very rewarding, “I volunteer because I enjoy the company of cats and in this way, I can help them and be around them if only for a little while each week. It gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction to play with my furry friends.”

Chesapeake Cats & Dogs was established in 2006 as a no-kill animal shelter. They are dedicated to rehabilitating and providing a second chance to cats and dogs that have been abandoned, abused, lost, strayed or surrendered. CCAD remains committed to helping end the needless overpopulation, death, abuse and neglect of dogs and cats in the area and improving their lives as well as those of their new owners. Their mission is to continue to provide a life of love and dignity for all animals.

CCAD is located at 300A Island Professional Park in Stevensville. You can reach them by calling 410-643-9955 or sending an email to info@chesapeakecats.com Visit their web site at www.ccadcatanddogrescue.org.