Volunteers of the Week- George and Mary Drake

By Ron Stafford

Q: Which organizations do you volunteer for?
A: George volunteers as the social media director for the QAC Arts Council, where he posts on Facebook and other media, upcoming events, art shows and classes. Mary also assists with the organization’s various receptions and events. In addition, George gives of his time to a bicycling group called Cycling Seniors and Mary also volunteers with Crossroads, a group that helps others in the community who have mental health issues. Together, they assist with dog runs held by the QAC Animal Shelter, and they are both on the Disaster Action Team with the Red Cross for the county.

Q: What do you find particularly rewarding about volunteering?
A: They find there is so much joy in helping others, and they agree that it’s just something you need to do. In addition, they think that newcomers to the community should get out and volunteer more. They also enjoy making new friends by volunteering.

Q: How many years have you been volunteering?
A: 6 years here on the Eastern Shore, but many more on the Western Shore where they were prior residents.

QAC Arts Council
The Council is a non-profit organization committed to promoting, expanding and sustaining the arts. For more information, contact Executive Director Darcy Schoeninger at 410-758-2520 or email, arts4u@arts4u.info.

QAC Animal Services
The organization investigates complaints of cruelty to animals, and offers humane education, as well as adoption and various volunteer programs. They are located at 201 Clay St. in Queenstown. For more information, contact Director Dave MacGlashan at 410-758-2393 or 410-758-3493. Their website is queenannesanimalservices.com.