Wargotz Announces Women for Wargotz Chair

Bullock brings tremendous organizational expertise to her duties

U. S. Senate candidate Dr. Eric Wargotz announced that longtime Maryland political activist and veteran White House staffer Katja Bullock will chair a “Women for Wargotz” group.

Katja Bullock served as a Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel for Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush. As Operations Officer in the Office of Presidential Personnel, she was responsible for all non-career appointments in five different federal agencies. She also directed the Correspondence Unit, the Resume Management Group, as well as the clearance and nominating process of all presidential appointments.

A 30 year veteran of Maryland politics, Bullock was detailed to the Ehrlich Transition Team for three months after Robert Ehrlich’s historic election as governor. After completing that assignment, she went to Iraq to serve as Director of Civilian Personnel, helping to set up the Coalition Provisional Authority government. She returned later to prepare for the turnover of the government to the Iraqi people.

“This is very exciting news to all of us,” Dr. Wargotz stated. “Katja’s organizational expertise and experience as a grassroots activist makes her a tremendous resource. She’s the perfect person to help me educate and energize women across Maryland about the message of our campaign. I enthusiastically welcome her to our team.”