Woman of the Month: Connie Blandford

When we created the Update’s “Woman of the Month” piece, we wanted to highlight women who make our community a better place. With COVID and lockdown measures in place, supporting those around you is more important now than ever. After receiving nominations throughout the year, we’ve chosen Connie Blandford to be our Woman of the Month. Less than Three years ago Connie helped found “Power of 100,”  an organization that helps bring women together to support local causes, making her a perfect pick for our Woman of the Month.


A few years ago, Connie and a friend went to a “100 women who care Annapolis,” event and was inspired to bring the idea to QAC. “There are so many intelligent, caring women on the Shore,” Connie explained to me, “I knew that we could do something great if we brought them together.” Connie and her good friend Kelly DuBois teamed up to found “Power of 100- Chesapeake-Women Who Care” in 2018. She says that her professional background, marketing at Miltec UV, helped prep her for the undertaking; “In marketing, you work with people, and I love working with people.”


 At a Power of 100 Meeting- local women gather together, each being required to donate 100 dollars to be allocated to a local charity or organization. Each woman in attendance is allowed to nominate a local organization of their choice. After three are picked at random- the attendees vote on which charity gets the donation. While a hundred dollars might not be a lot on it’s own, a hundred dollars from dozens of different local women has the potential to make a big difference for a local charity. At their most recent meeting Connie told me that they have already almost reached a 100 members, making their combined contribution nearly 10,000 dollars. Membership is not limited, and Connie hopes to reach well beyond 100. Since the beginning, Power of 100 has raised 10’s of thousands for dollars for local charities ranging from everything from Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center to Crossroads, a local mental health organization. Connie was particularly proud of the money they donated to Compass Regional Hospice in March, which went to masks for their frontline workers and patients.


 Connie says the Power of 100 does a lot-not just for the charities they donate to, but for the Women who make up the organization. “We get to help make our community a better place- but we also get to build friendships, we get to network,…Power of 100 has a lot of benefits for all the women who are involved.” She says that she has been wowed with everything local women have done, “I’m impressed with their thoughtfulness, their intelligence, and how generous they are…it is just an amazing group of women.” 


With lockdown and pandemic issues still being a problem, The Power of 100 had to cancel their October meeting. She assured that whether it be over zoom or in person- the Power of 100 will meet in the spring no matter what. If you would like to learn more you can go to https://www.powerof100chesapeake.com. Signing up as easy, and with only a 100 dollars you have the ability to make a huge difference.