World Champion Jump-Roper and Entertainer Peter Nestler To Perform at Christ Church Kent Island

The Diocese of Easton, Christ Church Easton, and Christ Church Kent Island are proud to present Peter Nestler’s “FUSED” performance on Saturday, April 21st at 7:00PM. The show, along with a concert from Baltimore Band, Bride Dressed in Black, will be held at Christ Church, Kent Island, 830 Romancoke Road, Stevensville. Tickets are $10/family available at the door.

Peter Nestler is a seven-time world champion jump-roper, unicyclist, and motivational speaker. He wows audiences of all ages with his high-energy performance and his message of faith and perseverance. Nestler performs for over 300 schools across the country each year and has performed around the world in countries such as Australia, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, South Korea, Sweden, and Thailand – sharing his message and encouraging students to become a champion in life by working hard and studying.

“The crowd of over 600 was riveted to the stage, the performance and the message as Peter displayed the God given talents that he has and tell the audience that they too could be Champions for and with God. At the end of the evening the comments ranged from “best show in 6 years” to “unbelievable” to “when is he coming back?” One of my favorites was “that guy must be one of the strongest and best conditioned dudes I’ve seen in a long time. How does he hold on to that unicycle and jump like that? And how can he jump over a rope lying flat on his back? WOW!” – Doug Hill | Director of Christian Activities | Calvary Baptist Church | Winston-Salem, NC

“Peter really is a master at his craft, a great communicator, and is also one of the most down to earth guys you will meet”. – Nate Ransil | Assistant Director of Programming, Sandy Cove Ministries

Peter’s “FUSED” performance will be followed by a concert from Baltimore band, Bride Dressed in Black. The band offers a unique and original sound that blends hip/hop, rock, and funk into one thunderous sound.