Wye River Upper School Wine Tasting

Wye River Upper School (WRUS) will host it’s third annual Wine Tasting on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. at the Talbot Country Club in Easton.  The theme is Wines Around the World, featuring a large selection of international wines specially chosen by Philip Bernot of Wishing Well Liquors and their food pairings.  Proceeds will be directed to the school’s financial aid fund.  WRUS educates bright high school students with learning differences, including ADHD, dyslexia and Asperger’s.

Bill and Michele Corace are co-chairs for this year’s event.  “We enjoy all there is to learn about wines and to share that with our friends.  We’ve discovered that sharing wine is a fun way to support the work of non-profits in the region,” reports Corace.  He adds “Our appreciation for the mission of Wye River Upper School is personal,  we are happy to be able to lend our support.”

The Corace’s, Tom and Alexa Seip, John and Susan Devlin and WRUS parent Robin Ingle have each donated specially selected wines, valued at $100. per bottle, which will be awarded through a raffle.  Amongst the wines to be raffled is a 1997 Isole  Olena  Cepparello Tuscany Sangiovese  NR  valued at $130 and a  2003 Chateau Sociando-Mallet  Bordeaux  valued at $105.

Last year’s popular “Brown Bag Blind Pick” will feature individual wines of a wide variety, valued at a minimum of $25.  Guests may purchase $20 tickets to pull a bottle from the selection, with a chance to pull one of much greater value.

Students from as many as nine Maryland counties and the District of Columbia have enrolled at WRUS.  “It is rather remarkable that in this economy, our enrollment increased by 30% over last year, which speaks to the need for our mission.” reports WRUS Executive Director Chrissy Aull.  “Because we have the support of some very generous donors and foundations, who grant us funds for financial aid, we were able to award 53% more dollars than last year.  The good news is we’ve awarded all of our aid for this year, the bad news is we’ve awarded all of our aid for this year. The Wine Tasting proceeds will help fortify the funding as we seek to accommodate students who apply mid-year because it is not going well for them elsewhere.”

The school welcomes the support of individuals and businesses through  sponsorships of the event.  For more information, to make a reservation, or to purchase tickets, contact the school at 410- 758-2919.