You’re Invited to Vacation Bible School!

“Growing with Jesus” will be a fun, interactive, learning experience for children 3-10. Through drama,teaching, hands-on activities, singing, games, and guidance from their group leaders, the children will see how as Jesus grew up He “became wiser and stronger. People liked Him and He pleased God” (Luke 2:52). And they will be encouraged to grow wise and strong, with good relationships, like Jesus!

The children’s learning adventure will begin at the Nativity, where they will all meet Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds. They will then split up into age groups and their group leaders will guide them along to meet Jesus at various point through His life.

First, they will meet Jesus when He is 12 year-old at the Temple, speaking with the Priests and Rabbis.

Next, the kids will travel to the Joseph’s Carpenter Shop to interact with teenage Jesus and help Him build furniture. Finally, they will learn how to please God from Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount.

Along the way, the children will also participate in outside group games and will enjoy expressing their creativity by making a craft. A healthy snack will also be provided to keep them going.

At the end of their journey, they will all assemble together again for singing to wrap things up.

Parents are welcome to stay and join us if you would like. Please RSVP to 410.827.7087.

Saturday July 23rd


“Jesus became wiser and stronger. People liked Him and He pleased God.” (Luke 2:52)

For Ages 3-10
Great Stories Fun Games Cool Crafts Good Snacks It’s FREE

Chesapeake Church of Christ • 405 Drummer Drive • Grasonville • exit 44B
RSVP to 410.827.7087 •