Young, Blind Mama Dog Needs Your Help

Every life is precious, and all the more so when it’s a Mom who has ensured all of her babies are healthy and sound, despite needing medical attention herself!

Teeny - Picture (400 x 340)Meet Teeny, ARF’s very special Chihuahua Mommy who has the captured the hearts of many during her time with us. This sweet little girl, who is approximately 6 years old and was likely used as a breeding dog, was rescued by Animal Resource Foundation from an area shelter in Baltimore City after stumbling on her in an advanced stage of pregnancy, yet thin as could be! It was also discovered that poor Teeny has two detached retinas and a cherry eye. One of ARF’s Foster Moms, who is experienced in birthing litters and working with small dogs, immediately came forward to give Teeny the love and attention she so desperately needed. It wasn’t long thereafter that Teeny gave birth to three tiny little puppies, one which sadly did not survive the birthing process. Nevertheless, Teeny still had two thriving babies to care for, and what a wonderfully attentive and doting Mom she turned out to be! Both of her babies have since been adopted, so now it’s time for Teeny’s story to have a happy ending, as well.

Before Teeny can move to a forever loving home, however, she will need surgery to correct the torn retinas and the cherry eye. While she does have some vision in her left eye, Teeny has none whatsoever in her right eye. Thankfully the success rate of retinal reattachment surgery is quite high, but time is clearly of the essence. That having been said, given that Teeny had to first care for her litter, we now have a small window of opportunity within which to restore her vision. With each passing day, the probability of her surgery being a success declines, which means she may lose her vision permanently. Our projected timeframe for this surgery is no more than 4 weeks. The surgery is of a very costly nature – an estimated $5,800 – but ARF is confident we can raise the necessary funds to make this happen!

Can you possibly open your heart and make a donation for this sweet girl? Your donation will be used entirely to cover her surgical expenses. Donations can be sent to “Animal Resource Foundation” at P.O. Box 396, Chester, MD 21619. Please indicate “For Teeny.” ARF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, which means your contribution is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. For more information, please contact ARF at (410) 643-8700 or email them at Any funds received in excess of what is required for her surgery will be deposited into an account earmarked for ARF animals like Teeny that need emergency medical treatment.

We know there are guardian angels out there waiting to help Teeny and we thank you in advance for giving her the chance to see again!