Teacher of the Month


Teacher Shares his Love of History and Geography with Students

Our county is filled with amazing local teachers, and every month we’re highlighting a new one that you nominated as our Teacher of the Month. This month you nominated Todd Boyer, a social studies teacher at Centreville Middle School. We talked to him about memorable moments from the classroom, his favorite period of history and more!

Todd has always had a passion for history and geography. His grandfather helped him memorize all the states and capitals in the 2nd grade. “I realized I wanted to do something with history or geography in the sixth grade,” Todd explained to me," …and I liked dealing with people, liked kids and helping others, so becoming a social studies teacher was a great fit for me.” Todd has been teaching Social Studies at Centreville Middle School since 2009. His favorite period of history is American History, but he says that his deepest passion in social studies has always been geography.

Todd says the most rewarding aspect of teaching is seeing students excel outside the classroom and later in life. “I love seeing kids succeed,” Todd told me, “I love seeing them working and thriving after graduation. For example, I just got an invite to a graduation party from a former student I had six years ago; I love hearing about kids doing well.”

A lover of social studies, Todd’s most memorable moment from the classroom is an assignment that combined history with STEM. His students built miniature replicas of ancient Greece’s Parthenon using paper. They had to make the structures as sturdy as possible, testing their creation under weight. “Some of their designs held up to200 pounds of weight, using just ten pieces of paper,” Todd excitedly explained to me.

With summer less than a month away Todd is “very excited” for summer break. He loves spending time outside, kayaking, canoeing, hunting, landscaping and fishing. Todd also had a son in November, which has kept him “very busy.”

If you know a teacher in our community who you would like to see be our Teacher of the Month you can nominate them at https://www.shoreupdate.com/teachers/.