Teacher of the Month


Our Teacher of the Month for February is Kassidy Bowman, a chorus and theater arts teacher at Stevensville Middle School. We had the chance to talk to her about what drew her to teach the arts, how she spends her free time and more! You can nominate a teacher who makes a difference online here: https://www.shoreupdate.com/teachers/.


What is your educational background?

I attended Stevensville Middle School and graduated from Kent Island High School in 2011. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Salisbury University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in 2015. I was a Music Education Major with a focus in vocal performance. I received my Master of Education focused in 21st Century Teaching & Learning in 2019 from LaSalle University through the RTC program. This is my 9th year teaching in Queen Anne’s County. I taught 7 years at Centreville Middle School and have since been at Stevensville Middle.


What drew you to teaching chorus and theater?

I have always loved singing and music. I started performing from a young age and really developed my passion in middle school. I think that my own personal experiences from participating in ensembles, performing in shows and gaining wonderful friendships drew me towards wanting to create that atmosphere for my own students.


What are some aspects of teaching you find difficult? What aspects do you find rewarding?

I think that teaching truly has some fully rewarding moments and other moments that are not so much. I think that one of the more challenging aspects of teaching is ensuring that all students feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in class and participate in out-of-the-box activities. It is also difficult to motivate the middle school student and to ensure that they are being respectful during instruction. I truly enjoy my students’ successes such as any time that my students tell me about extra-curricular activities they are involved in or anything that involves an audition in which they succeeded. I also enjoy the ‘ah ha’ moments when you watch the students just get the material or when they get super invested in a class activity.


Any memorable or interesting moments from the classroom that come to mind that you would be able to share?

I absolutely love when students take an assignment or a scene they have chosen and REALLY bring it to life. I’ve had kids bring in costumes, create or bring in props and students even memorize the lines when not necessary. I also once had a student enter a choir class with the PACS program. The amount of pride that I felt when he went from just sitting at the beginning of the year to joining the group on the risers to feeling comfortable enough to audition for a solo and have the whole class cheering. It was such an amazing transformation.


Was there a teacher who left a big impact on you?

I absolutely had the most wonderful educators in both middle and high schools and at the collegiate level. My personal mentor and the man who actually inspired me to become a choir teacher is Mr. Luke Whitehiar. He was my choir teacher at STMS and is currently the choir teacher at Queen Anne’s County High School. He made class fun and engaging but also challenging and pushed us to become better musicians. He is still currently my mentor to this day, and I don’t know if I would have gotten through those first few years of teaching without his guidance.


When you’re not teaching, how do you spend your time?

When not teaching, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and my 3-year-old son. We love to go to the pool, play with our family dog and sing songs together. During the summer we enjoy family vacations to Disney World or on a cruise.


If you know a teacher who makes a difference you can nominate them at https://www.shoreupdate.com/teachers/.