Year of the Hero




Create your own user feedback survey Continuing to Be a Hero to Our Community Jacob Sloan, A Young Man Who Made A Difference By Marcus Hoffman By the age of twelve, local Jacob Sloan had developed a big personality and a bigger reputation for being kind to others. He had big plans for his future, hoping to play major league baseball for a decade before becoming a minister. Unfortunately, less than three years ago, Jake’s dreams ended when he passed away as a result of a car accident. Jake’s family wanted to carry on his mission of making our community a better place, so they founded the Jacob Sloan Foundation in his honor. I got the chance to talk to his parents, Pete and Mary Sloan, about their son and everything their foundation has done for the community. Jake made a positive impact in the lives of many. He left the house everyday with the intent to make a difference… and he did. He was an active member of our community, playing in Living Water Lutheran Church’s worship band. He also had a love for sports, especially baseball and golf. Despite being so involved in extracurricular activities, Jake still found the time to befriend those who were in need of a friend. “Jake was the first to welcome new students to school and to ensure that nobody ate lunch alone; his infectious smile was contagious. He would send messages of motivation to students each morning before school.” In 2018, tragedy struck when a driver ran a red light, leading to Jake’s passing. It was a difficult time for both the Sloan Family and for our community as a whole. In the months following the tragedy, Jake’s older brothers, Christopher and Danny, encouraged Mary and Pete to start a foundation to help preserve Jake’s memory and to carry on his mission of making our community a better place. Four months after the accident, on what would have been his 13th birthday, they founded the Jacob Sloan Foundation. Despite just beginning two and a half years ago, the Sloan family has managed to give over $100,000 in grants to a variety of local foundations. Their specific focus is on children and families here on the Shore. They have donated to everything from local youth sports programs to organizations such as Haven Ministries. Most recently, they gave a $10,000 donation to the Kinera Foundation, a local organization that helps kids and families with special needs. Raising and donating $100,000 in just a few years is an incredible feat, and the Sloan Foundation couldn’t have done it without the help of our community. One of the big ways they raise money is through their annual golf tournament. The two day extravaganza features BBQ, raffles and much more. If you would like to learn more about the event, or if you would like to give directly to the Jacob Sloan Foundation, you can go to their website at From time to time, Mary will still run into a fellow local parent or teacher who has kind words to say about Jake. “People I hardly even know will just come up to me in the store and say ‘you have no idea how your child affected my child. He befriended my kid when no one else would.’” Even if the Sloan family hadn’t founded the foundation, Jake’s legacy would still live on, as would the differences he made in our community. “Growing up, Jake always wanted to be a minister,” his mom told me, “I know he is up in heaven, ministering, guiding and watching over us all.”