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Local captures what makes the Shore special in print and film


Like many from the Shore, filmmaker Troy Lowman has always had a deep connection to the place where he grew up. Having done a lot of traveling, Troy was asked time and time again: “What’s that dialect; are you from the south?” “I’ve always said that I’m from the Eastern Shore,” Troy proudly explained to me. “Not Maryland, the Eastern Shore.” Troy wanted to capture the majesty and unique culture here in our home by making a movie called Love Letters to the Shore. After the movie was released, Troy began posting unused material and history of the Shore on social media. Receiving positive responses to his posts, he decided to turn his film into a book by the same name. We had the chance to talk to Troy to learn a little bit more about what makes the Eastern Shore so unique, how he made the film and more!


The film Love Letters to the Shore is primarily composed of interviews with locals, historical facts, celebrities hailing from the Shore and beautiful shots of waterfront and rural vistas. As soon as Troy and his team began filming, he began receiving help from locals; many were excited to be featured in interviews, and local business owners allowed Troy to film in their space. The first day of filming happened right here at Kent Island at the ever-popular Red Eye’s Dock Bar. “People on the Shore really came through for us, just like I knew they would,” Troy proudly told me.


Some of the most common themes locals bring up in their interviews about the Shore include our connection to the beautiful land and Chesapeake Bay and the tight knit community we share. With some of the interviewees coming from older generations, they were able to give glimpses into what life was like here in the past. Unsurprisingly none of the dozens of subjects Troy interviewed rarely had negative things to say about the Shore. “Some people were concerned about change and development, but everyone was so grateful they got to grow up here,” Troy told me.


Troy’s favorite part of the Shore is the bond shared between locals. “You can go away for years for school or a job, but it’s like a touchstone. You come back and everyone knows you; if you’re from the Shore you have your roots here,” Troy excitedly explained. Like many, Troy worries that development and people moving here from other areas will forever change the Shore, pointing out that our alluring “beauty and mystique” may be the Shore's downfall. Part of the reason why Troy wanted to create Love Letters to the Shore was to capture the beauty and small town feeling the Shore has before it is lost.


Love Letters to the Shore is filled with interesting stories and tidbits from the Shore, including the story of baseball star Jimmy Fox, local ghost stories and more! You can purchase the book at You can also watch the documentary for free online on a video site called Vimeo.