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 Local Author Pens Local Horror Mixed with Dark Fantasy in This Wasted Land


Like to read? Of course you do… you’re reading this right now! We’re launching a monthly piece for 2024 called The Book Club to highlight local authors and their amazing books. To start the year off we’re reading Kenton Gilgore’s “This Wasted Land.” Inspired by Stephen King, mythology, and classic rock, this creepy and weird-in-a-good-way novel tells the tale of a teenager living on Kent Island who is transported to a terrifying and demented world.

This Wasted Land opens with Alyx, a tenacious teenager, and her boyfriend Sam riding a motorcycle on Kent Island. After getting into an accident the teens find themselves in a strange, twisted world, and Alyx’s boyfriend is kidnapped by a monstrous old woman. Follow Alyx finding her boyfriend, meeting strange characters, and uncovering the truth about the terrifying land they’ve been transported to. Kenton describes the book as a “Modern Day Dark Fantasy Horror” and calls it “Gruesome.” Because of this he doesn’t recommend This Wasted Land for readers under 15.

Instead of having chapters, This Wasted Land has a playlist; Each chapter is a “track” named after classic rock that the protagonist, Alyx, enjoys. “That’s a bit of me I threw in,” Kenton explained. “This is the kind of music I listen to and am inspired by… and there’s a subset of teenagers who still find this kind of music relevant and inspiring.” Some of the bands featured on the track list include Guns ‘n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin and Queen. Kenton actually created a Spotify playlist for the album. You can check it out here:

Kenton first started writing This Wasted Land when he was a senior in college while studying mythology. “I tried writing, couldn’t, picked it up a few years later and dropped it. I kept picking it up and dropping it. I finally put out some other books and figured I could finally do this story justice.” Kenton says the character of Alyx is partially inspired by his daughters who were teenagers at the time. “I was home a lot, around them so I got sort of an insight into how teenage girls in this day and age think and speak and act. I remember very vividly being a teen myself in the 80’s having those feeling and thoughts. I think a lot of things about being a teenager haven’t changed,” Kenton explained.

At you can see a full list of books, purchase them, read his blog and more! Check out his fantastical Stray Cats or his apocalyptic Lost Dogs. Stay tuned for next month to read about another local book and author.