The Update’s Adoptable Pets of the Week

Welcome to our new Pets of the Week page! Every week we'll be showing off some new furry friends at Chesapeake Cats and Dogs who are up for adoption! If you see an animal you like, click on their name to go CCAD'S page to get more information and potentially add a new member to your family! The page will be updated every Wednesday, so make sure to check back every week for more! E-mail if you have any questions.

Sometimes the animals go quick, so make sure you check in with CCAD  to make sure the pet you want to adopt is still up for adoption. Their website is  and their phone number is (410) 643-9955


Our pet page is brought to you by Tricia Wilson

Marisol is an adorable Chihuahua mix

Loki is a nine year old diabetic cat!

Wrangler is a mischievous 1 year old cat! 

Rosie a beautiful, green eyed three year old cat!

Jupiter Jane is a gorgeous nine year old cat!

Whitesox is a shy cat looking for a home with another cat!