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DUI Arrest


VOP on the original charge of Possession of CDS not Cannabis.
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Arrested: Bryce Gordy, 54yo from Amadoras Way, St. Cloud, FL
Charged: DWI by CDS, Driving while so far impaired by drugs the driver cannot drive safely, Reckless Driving, Negligent Driving, Failure to obey traffic control device, Fail to display lighted lamps in unfavorable conditions
On 1/16 at 2:54am, Deputies observed a vehicle traveling on EB Rt 50 at Chester River Beach Rd, in Grasonville, without its headlights on. The vehicle was followed and numerous indicators were seen to believe the subject could be under the influence. A traffic stop was conducted and contact was made with the driver, Bryce Gordy. Gordy was asked to perform Field Sobriety Testing which he failed. Gordy was placed under arrest and charged accordingly.

Gun Arrest

Arrested: Nelson Hathorn, 28yo from Haughton, LA
Charged: Did knowingly transport a loaded handgun in a vehicle, Did knowingly transport a handgun in a vehicle, Civil Citation for possession of cannabis less than 1.5 ounces< Speeding traffic citation
On 1/20 at 9:11 am, while conducting radar in the area of Walnut St and Green St, in Church Hill, DFC Baer observed a vehicle traveling above the posted speed limit. A traffic stop was initiated and upon approaching the driver, Nelson Hathorn, DFC Baer detected the odor of cannabis. A probable cause search was conducted and a loaded handgun and less than 1.5 oz of cannabis were located inside the vehicle. Hathorn was placed under arrest and transported to the Office of the Sheriff for processing. Later, Hathorn was seen by the District Court Commissioner and held on a $6000 bond.

Arrested: Jose Diaz, 40yo from Cunningham Dr, Berwyn Heights, MD

Charged: DUI of Alcohol, DWI by Alcohol, Negligent Driving, Reckless Driving, Failure to obey a traffic control device
On 12/14 at 1:23am, Dep Coale conducted a traffic stop in the area of EB Rt 50 and Nesbitt Rd, in Grasonville. Upon making contact with the driver, Jose Diaz, Dep Coale detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. Diaz performed Field Sobriety Tests which he did not pass. Diaz was placed under arrested and charged accordingly.