Braden, Thompson and Poltrack, LLP

By Avra Sullivan

Nothing runs better than a well-oiled machine. That is obviously true of a mechanic shop, and even a more accurate representation of the law offices of Braden, Thompson and Poltrack located in Chester. Founding partners Donald Braden and Patrick Thompson have been practicing law in Queen Anne’s County for over 30 years. In 1993 they merged forces, and in November of 2012 E. Sean Poltrack became a partner in the firm, establishing Braden, Thompson and Poltrack, LLP.

Office manager Kimberly Ruth has been working with Mr. Thompson for 29 years. Most of the other lawyers also have been with the firm for a long time. “We all know each other so well, work so well together that we can almost finish each other’s sentences,” says Kim. This level of teamwork accentuates a high level of customer service. “Our main goal is to make the client comfortable and to feel at ease,” Kim says. While all of the lawyers with the firm are able to handle almost any case, Kim says it is important that they find the lawyer with whom the client feels most comfortable.

The associates also complement each other. “The experience from Mr. Braden and Mr. Thompson is invaluable to the younger associates. The associates, on the other hand, are more knowledgeable about the newest technology and social media,” Kim explains. One thing is clear, there are no egos. “Everyone pulls for each other, always jumping in to help wherever they can, and everyone genuinely loves the profession they have selected.”

While every case and every day can be vastly different, Kim says that giving the best service is of utmost importance. “Especially with estate cases, we may deal with families for an extended period of time. We want to get to know them and have them trust that we have their best interests at heart.”

The law offices of Braden, Thompson and Poltrack handle a full gamut of legal cases, from real estate, estate planning and family law to traffic violations, bankruptcy and criminal law. They also deal in corporate law, civil litigation and regulatory and government affairs.

On October 15th of last year, Braden, Thompson and Poltrack, LLP opened the doors to their new office on 101 Chester Station Lane, right off Route 50 at the Piney Creek Road exit. For more information including full bios of the lawyers, visit their website at You also can call the office at 410-643-4110.