Let’s Rock: Bird Dog and The Road Kings

Articles 7-24 007 (400 x 267)Byrd Dog Wheeler- Rythm Guitar/ Vocals
Billy West- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Charlie Briddell- Bass/Song Writer
Roger Lewis- Drums


How did you come up with your band name?
The original duo formed in 1975 and consisted of Byrd Dog Wheeler and Billy West. Byrd Dog is a family name for the Wheeler family, even his father’s middle name was Byrd. “The Road Kings” was a trucker’s magazine and since they were touring around America and stopping at truck stops and road houses, it seemed fitting.

If you were to describe yourself in one sentence …what would you say?
A group of guys that enjoy the music they play, write and put out to the public…including 7 Cd’s.

Do you have any other hobbies besides, obviously, making music?
They are all family men who enjoy raising their children and spending time with their family. Billy also has a fondness for fishing, and Byrd Dog enjoys cheering on his favorite football, baseball and hockey teams (Redskins, Red Sox and Capitals).

What’s your most embarrassing experience?
Byrd Dog boasts they have been doing this for 37 years and have perfected their craft. There may have been some in the past, but so many years later they are a distant memory.

Originating in the 1970’s, they are still trucking today and hitting on all cylinders. Through the years, they have traveled most of the southeastern United States, New York, Key West, Florida, Austin, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee and all of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. From white collar, blue collar, concert halls to honky-tonks, deck bars, outdoor arenas, private parties and weddings, they’ve played ’em all. Visit them locally at Dirty Dave’s Tiki Bar at Kentmorr Restaurant, The Big Owl Tiki Bar in Grasonville or at Schooner’s in Oxford. To book Bird Dog and The Road Kings for your private party, contact Byrd Dog Wheeler at 410-310-2977.