QA Press Release 7/23/2013

image001 (400 x 133)If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT: MDOP / Attempted Burglary

DATE / TIME: 07/10/2013 @ 0947 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 800 Block of Wrights Neck Road, Centreville

VICTIM: Charles Clough of Centreville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported hearing noises during the night outside his residence around 0245 hours and found nothing upon checking outside. In the daylight that morning he noticed his garage doors and front door were damaged with indentations. A check of the area resulted in finding a neighbor’s mailbox had been destroyed and a mirror on a work truck also damaged. Several additional mailboxes in the immediate area were also found to be damaged.


Damages were estimated at $1200.


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST: Dfc. George Sewell

CASE: 13-20275



DATE / TIME: 07/11/2013 @ 2000 Hours

LOCATION: 300 Block of Broad Street, Crumpton, MD

VICTIM: Female (37) of Crumpton


NARRATIVE: Victim reported being pushed from a moving vehicle by a male after arguing over CDS. The victim stated the car was moving about 10 MPH but refused to provide any addition info. Victim had a small amount of road rash on her elbow and back but refused any medical treatment.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE: 13-20616



DATE / TIME: 07/10/2013 @ 2233 Hours

LOCATION: 200 Block of Nichols Manor Road,. Stevensville

VICTIM: Male of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported an argument that his son was having with a sibling over a skateboard. When told to calm down and go into the house, the son forced the door open breaking the door frame. Upon learning the police had been called the son left the house. Damages were estimated at $400. A search of the area failed to located the son.


The victim refused to press charges and only wanted the incident documented as his son is expected to be leaving for college.


DEPUTY: Deputy Charles Harris

CASE: 13-20624


INCIDENT: Burglary / Theft

DATE / TIME: 07/11/2013 @ 1050 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 400 Block of Pear Tree Road, Chestertown

VICTIM: Gregory Lubar of Washington DC

ARREST: Marcia Lynette Bozarth (37) of Millington, MD

CHARGE: Burglary (8 Counts) & Theft (4 Counts)


NARRATIVE: Victim reported missing numerous items from his residence including a flat screen TV, Bose speakers, a Yamaha 5 disc player and fishing rods. Victim also reported that an exterminator had been to the house and advised that there were two cleaning ladies at the house who let him in. Victim advised that he had not arranged for any cleaning to be done and that the last time several months ago he had used Marcia Bozarth who knew where the keys were but not the alarm code.


Checking with a local pawn shop in Chestertown, it was learned that Marcia Bozarth had pawned the items on July 10th accompanied by a second female.


On July 16th Bozarth was arrested and charged with burglary and theft. Further investigation indicated she had taken items from the house on two previous occasions in the past month such as a telescope, Karaoke machine and jewelry. Some of these items were also recovered.


Bozarth identified the other female and advised she had told the woman that the items had been given to her by the victim. Bozarth stated she needed groceries and gas. The second woman has not been charged. Bozarth was processed and then later released on her own recognizance by a District Court Commissioner.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Larry Steenken

ASSIST: Sgt. M. Carr – Det. A. Vansant

CASE: 13-20657


INCIDENT: Domestic / Assault

DATE / TIME: 07/11/2013 @ 1710 Hours

LOCATION: 1000 Block of Sudlersville Road, Church Hill

VICTIM: Constance L. Hickman and Robert L. Messick both of Church Hill

ARREST: Constance L. Hickman (62) of Church Hill

Robert L. Messick (60) of Church Hill

CHARGE: Assault 2nd Degree


NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to location for a brother and sister domestic. After separating the two, it was learned that an argument over the care of a dog has escalated until Hickman struck Messick on the forehead with a frying pan. Messick then allegedly threw Hickman to the floor and started to smack her face with his hand.


Both subjects were arrested and charged with assault. Hickman was later released by a District Court Commissioner on her own recognizance. After seeking medical attention, Messick went before a District Court Commissioner and was held on a $3000 bail which was posted the next day.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard

ASSIST: Deputy Rudy Draper

CASE: 13-20683


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 07/11/2013 @ 2243 Hours

LOCATION: Main Street, Sudlersville

VICTIM: Male (18) of Sudlersville


NARRATIVE: Deputy responded to location after a family member reported the male had threatened to harm himself. Subject was located in a wooded area near the Sudlersville Middle School. When asked, he stated he had made comments about harming himself. He was taken into custody and transported to Chester River Medical Center in Chestertown.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner

CASE: 13-20712



DATE / TIME: 07/12/2013 @ 0334 Hours

LOCATION: Buckingham Drive, Stevensville


ARREST: Rebecca Anne Shiring (28) of Stevensville



NARRATIVE: Deputies were dispatched to area for a reported loud bang in the callers driveway. On arrival they located a 2003 VW Golf into a tree. The driver was identified as Rebecca Shiring who was unsteady on her feet, upset and crying. An odor of alcohol was present and Shiring admitted to having some beers. After refusing medical treatment was transported to a nearby location due to the weather for field sobriety tasks. After her attempts, she was charged with DWI and later released on her signature.


DEPUTY: Deputy Charles Harris

ASSIST: Deputy C. Neall

CASE: 13-20730



DATE / TIME: 07/12/2013 @ 1434 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 103 Shopping Center Road, Stevensville

VICTIM: Lowes Automotive


NARRATIVE: Complainant reported that a 2002 StarCraft Trailer was missing from the rear of the business. The trailer was taken during the night of 7/11-7/12 and valued at $5600. Suspect vehicle appears to be a white Chevrolet pickup.


DEPUTY: Deputy Andrew Neall

ASSIST: Dfc. J. Kellogg

CASE: 13-20770



DATE / TIME: 07/12/2013 @ 1948 Hours

LOCATION: 1400 Block of Marion Quimby Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM: Joseph W. Herbert of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported receiving a call from a person he’s familiar with requesting to talk. When the person arrived an altercation occurred in which the victim was struck on the side of his head and pushed into a wall. Several others present broke the fight up and the second party left the scene. On arrival the victim had a minor injury and indicated he wasn’t pressing charges.


DEPUTY: Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE: 13-20791


INCIDENT: Driving while Suspended

DATE / TIME: 07/13/2013 @ 1239 Hours

LOCATION: RT 213 near Truslow Road, Chestertown (QA)


ARREST: Cynthia Lynn Simpkins (51) of Ridgely

CHARGE: Driving while Suspended


NARRATIVE: Deputy Hartmetz was in the Truslow Road / RT 213 area and observed a 2002 green Pontiac Sunfire being driven by Cynthia Simpkins. Hartmetz was familiar with the car and driver as he had stopped her twice before in the past month for being suspended. Simpkins was placed under arrest and processed at the Sheriff’s Headquarters. She was held on a $7500 bond and detained at the QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chad Hartmetz

CASE: 13-20848




DATE / TIME: 07/13/2013 @ 1350 Hours

LOCATION: 431 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown, MD

VICTIM: Sunglass Hut

ARREST: Kim Frenecia Brooks (51) of Salisbury MD.



NARRATIVE: Employees of the Sunglass Hut reported an African American female had stolen a pair of sunglasses from the store and had left the shopping center in a silver Dodge Durango driven by an African American male. The Durango was reported to be heading west onto RT 50. Dfc. Goodman was at the RT Chester River Road area and waited for the vehicle stopping it just after crossing the Kent Narrows Bridge. The female passenger met the description given by Sunglass Hut employees. The female denied being at the store and then stated she had tried to return a pair she had purchased in Salisbury. The glasses the suspect showed did not match the stolen pair taken in Queenstown Versace brand valued at $190 and still had the inventory tag. Further questioning resulted in locating a second pair of sunglasses, Bvlgari brand priced at $390. In addition a bag of clothes stolen from the Bass Store were also recovered. A check with the Sunglass Hut in Salisbury indicated they had been stolen there.


In total $1257.00 of stolen items were recovered. It was also learned that Brooks had an active warrant from Salisbury Police for CDS Violations and Theft.


Brooks was taken into custody and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. She was held on a $5000 bail in Queen Anne’s and a $15,000 on Wicomico Charges. She posted bail the following day.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Eric Goodman

ASSIST: Dfc. S. Ambrose, Cpl. J.Brockman, Tpr, Massoni (MSP)

CASE: 13-20856


INCIDENT: Attempted Theft

DATE / TIME: 07/13/2013 @ 1627 Hours

LOCATION: 425 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown



NARRATIVE: Employees observed a female had attempted to steal a dress valued at $1195. When she realized they had been watching her, she left the dress and ran from the store. She was pursed by security but they lost her. However Security did recovered plastic bag lined with duct tape that the shoplifter had tossed. A search of the area failed to locate the female.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE: 13-20866


INCIDENT: Disturbance

DATE / TIME: 07/13/2013 @ 2026 Hours

LOCATION: 700 Block of Chesapeake Drive, Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Deputies were called to the area for a neighbor dispute. Residents of a house there had a flooded basement and were pumping water which was running onto a neighbor’s property. When asked to connect hose to have it run into the ditch an argument started with the four residents arguing, during which one female reportedly spit in the others face. All parties were separated and advised how to seek charges / peace orders.


DEPUTY: Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE: 13-20891


INCIDENT: Disturbance

DATE / TIME: 07/13/2013 @ 2347 Hours

LOCATION: Chesapeake Estate Drive, Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Deputies were called to a residence after a father had arrived at the residence demanding that his 17 year old child come home immediately. According to the complainant, the child had been staying there for about 6 months. It was reported that the father had struck the cell phone out of the child’s hand.


Deputies went to the father’s residence and checked on the child who advised all was fine.


DEPUTY: Deputy Nathaniel Burns

ASSIST: Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE: 13-20914


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 07/14/2013 @ 1735 Hours

LOCATION: Double Creek Road, Chestertown

VICTIM: Female (32) of Smyrna, DE


NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to the Duck Neck Campground for a suicidal subject who had texted a friend saying she was going to harm herself. The woman, a Middle East Veteran was found after taking pills with alcohol and slashed wrists. She was transported to Chester River Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chad Hartmetz

ASSIST: Cpl. J. Brockman

CASE: 13-20985


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 07/14/2013 @ 2324 Hours

LOCATION: Kent Island Estates, Stevensville

VICTIM: Male (32) of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Deputies were called to assist EMS for a possible overdose. On arrival they learned that the parents found their son on the bedroom floor unresponsive and started CPR. An EMT arrived and was able to get a pulse. EMS administered medication and the victim became uncooperative and was able to walk around. He was taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY: Deputy Nathaniel Burns

ASSIST: Deputy S. Matthews

CASE: 13-21010


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 07/15/2013 @ 1345 Hours

LOCATION: 107 Hissey Road, Grasonville

VICTIM: Male (43) of Edgewater


NARRATIVE: Deputies were dispatched to the Chesapeake Motel for a suicidal subject. They located the man in a room who appeared highly intoxicated and distraught. Paramedics checked the man and due to his condition transported him by ambulance to Easton Memorial for treatment.


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST: Dfc. J. Rickard

CASE: 13-21051


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 07/16/2013 @ 0004 Hours

LOCATION: 300 Block of Timber Lane, Grasonville

VICTIM: Robert D. Smith of Grasonville


NARRATIVE: A neighbor heard a loud smash of broken glass at a house next door. Knowing the residents were away, she called the Sheriff’s Office. When they checked the residence, they found a rear window screen pulled off the window and the window broken. The neighbor responded with a key and deputies checked the house finding no intruder. The house appeared to be in order except for the window. An attempted K9 track was made without locating a suspect. The resident arrived home later in the day and determined nothing to be missing. The damage to the window was estimated at $300.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

ASSIST: Deputy Terry Copper – Officer M. Lewis (CPD)

CASE: 13-21093


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 07/16/2013 @ 1800 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 100 Block of Wilson Clark Lane, Centreville

VICTIM: Cosby M. Stokes 3rd of Centreville


NARRATIVE: Homeowner returned home and noticed several items out of place. He then discovered a large amount of cash missing from a bank envelope. It was determined that a forced entry had been made and efforts to conceal it had occurred.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner

CASE: 13-21179