The Gunston School Announces Second Quarter Academic Honors

Gunston School HonorsThe Gunston School Announces Second Quarter Academic Honors

Congratulations to the following students for earning High Honors or Honors for the second quarter of the 2013-2014 academic year. To earn a place on the High Honors list, a student must have an A average and effort grades of “S” or above. To earn Honors, a student must achieve a B+/A- average and effort grades of “S” or above.

High Honors

Grade 12- Alex Kukorowski, Tabitha Lin, Mary McLean, Elaine Wu, Avery Zuber

Grade 11- Andy Camp, Anthony Cianchetta, Annabelle Fichtner, Clare Ingersoll, Andrew Short, Jack Wilson

Grade 10- Abigail Barcus, Kailani (Bird) Clarke, Issac Jennings, Ian Jiang, Alea Murray, David Rogers, Claire Schmittinger

Grade 9- Alice Agee, Conner Allen, Nikki Blades, Lauren Covell, Elaine Jiang, Ben Jones, Tong Shen, Olivia Sherman


Grade 12- Liz Davis, Jason Hong, Valerie Inglesby, Liam Lian, Trung Nguyen, Ziggy Qi, Georgia Reynolds, Kimberly Schlosser, Kent Shen, Emma Schowalter, Nathan Simmons, Olivia Suss, Lexi Welch

Grade 11- Kaeo Clarke, Izzy Clemens, Jay Desai, Savannah Gervais, Gerry Inglesby, Momo Jin, Carrie Jin, Trystan McCarthy, John Panor, Jordan Price, Madi Shenk, Jacob Wargotz, Bruce Wei, Michelle Yu

Grade 10- Tatiana Baughman, Hanna Gonzalez, Katie Larrimore, Kylee Naumann, Kellan Paddy, Natalie Purpora, Aggie Raymond, Emily Stintz, Tyler Urquhart, Sky Urspruch

Grade 9- Chad Angelini, Ethan Boone, George Bowie, Ben Byerly, Jamie Caron, Nick Desai, Jared McLean, Nick Mosner, Sutter Philips, Natalie Prochaska, Ryan Redding, Maddy Romberger, Stacey Shi, Delaney White