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Volunteer of the Month- Katie McGrath


Queen Anne’s County is filled with amazing local nonprofits, and every nonprofit is made possible by selfless volunteers. We’re launching our Volunteer of the Month segment to highlight all the work that volunteers do for our community and for the organizations they serve. Our first volunteer, Katie McGrath, was nominated by Giving the Edge Foundation. Katie, through Giving the Edge Foundation’s leadership program has been teaching important leadership skills at our local schools.

Katie has known Bobby Woolley, the founder of Giving the Edge Foundation, since high school. Owning local Chick-Fil-A restaurants, Katie has spent a lot of time in leader development courses and saw a need for leadership programs in our community. After some brainstorming with Bobby, they decided to bring a leadership program to local schools.

In the past year Katie has met with the students twice a month, early in the morning. Some of the qualities Katie tries to instill include service, observation, being an empathetic listener and anti-fragility. With help from a grant from the Dixon Foundation’s Clifton Group, they’ve been able to bring the DISC assessment, a career test often used in corporate settings, to students.

Partnering with local businesses to “help young people grown into successful, caring, responsible and productive adults” is just one many ways Giving the Edge Foundation supports the youth in our community. The organization connects our youth with community service projects, focuses on character development with attention to their social and emotional needs and provides scholastic achievement activities.

If you would like to help support the Edge and everything they do for our community, consider attending their gala on March 9th at Kent Island Resort. The black-tie event will feature a plated dinner, cocktails, a live auction, music and more! You can purchase tickets or learn more online here: https://www.theedge360.net/gala

If you’d like to volunteer at Giving the Edge, stay tuned for opportunities with their Win the Day Field Day event. Field Day unites local schools for the sake of positivity and fun. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can sign up on their website. If you know a local volunteer who goes the extra mile you can nominate them to be our volunteer of the month at https://www.shoreupdate.com/volunteer.

If you know an amazing volunteer you can nominate them at https://www.shoreupdate.com/volunteer/.